Final Gear – Quick look at new mobile mecha RPG recently launched in Taiwan

Final Gear is actually an indie mobile game developed in China, but I missed its initial domestic launch. Hence, when the game recently opened up for the Taiwanese market by local publisher Komoe Game, I jumped in for a quick tryout. Final Gear is all about mechas and its many anime-style female riders, but I feel that there is much more to it. Players can actually change all parts of the mecha, and thus replace how it looks and its play-style.

While any rider can control any mecha units, there are actually some riders with their special mecha. When paired, the combination is much more powerful. Of course, this is where the gacha element comes into play. In Final Gear, you don’t immediately get what you gacha for, but instead made to wait for some time as the system is “recruiting” new riders or “developing” new mecha parts. To speed up, you will have to use special items or spend cash currency. I am  not a fan of this system, and it really ruins the feel-good vibe.

As you could guess, there are many types of mechas, including melee, assault, ranged bomber and more. Players can control the formation, but once auto-attack is activated, that pretty much goes out of the window. I certainly don’t see why the auto function should be turned off even when in boss fights. I am neutral when it comes to auto-attack, so I am not really bothered by it. Overall, Final Gear is a good looking anime-style mecha mobile game, but its biggest pitfall is still the over-reliance on gacha items and its queue system.