The Bird That Drinks Tears – New mobile MMORPG based on Korean novel announced

First announced as Project BB last year at G-Star 2018, the game captured immediate attention from the community with its heredity feature, where players are able to get married, mate and produce babies. Today, it was announced that Project BB is actually based on Korean novel The Bird That Drinks Tears, which you can find out more about in the link. The writer is none other than Lee Yeongdo, a celebrated novelist whose previous work Dragon Raja was made into various online games launched in many continents.

A little more about the offspring part, as he or she will inherit the traits of their parents both in stats and looks. According to some reports, building a family is now the main feature of The Bird That Drinks Tears. The game’s product developer has also spoken to some Korean media outlets affirming that it is a “casual” game. I guess time will tell! The Bird That Drinks Tears is set for a Korean launch in 2020, so stay tuned for all updates!