Project BB – Get married and have kids in new mobile MMORPG

Project BB is a new mobile MMORPG currently in development by KRAFTON, a new “game union” brand under Bluehole (TERA, PUBG) with 5 ongoing projects. The first teaser trailer for the game was shown today at G-Star 2018, showcasing some really unique features. The main system of Project BB is based on heredity, which means characters can get married and give birth to… well, a new character with mixed traits. Sounds amusing eh?

From the trailer, you can see how the couple build their relationship, own a house, gets married, pregnant, and eventually have a kid. Note that the child has 2 eye colors, one representing the father’s with the other representing the mother’s. This signifies she has inherited traits from her parents. The overall genetic system was not explained in details, so stay tuned for more updates. Do follow the G-Star 2018 tag for the latest game news!