Onmyoji: The Card Game – Quick look at new mobile strategy title based on Onmyoji IP

Chinese developer NetEase is working hard to expand the Onmyoji IP with more recent game releases including Onmyoji Chess and Onmyoji: Yokai House. Recently, yet another mobile title based on Onmyoji was made available in China, Onmyoji: The Card Game (otherwise known as 阴阳师:百闻牌). As the name suggests, players form their own decks based on characters from the Onmyoji games and battle it out. Onmyoji: The Card Game might seem to be complicated, but it is quite simple once you get to try out a few games.

Here is a simplified guide:

● Player form decks with 4 characters (the battles with less than 4 characters in the video above are mostly tutorial battles)

● Each character can be accompanied by 9 spell cards, making a total of 40 cards per deck

● The game starts with players having all 4 characters on the rest area along with 5 starting hand cards (all are spell cards)

● There are symbols on the top left of each card, which is a card’s level. For example, a level 2 character can only use level 1 or 2 spells

● The symbols are of different colors as well, which means only red characters can use red spells. The game will automatically highlight the spells which can be used, which is very friendly especially to newcomers

● Players get to level up their characters after every few rounds (I did not count)

● Players can only get to perform 2 actions each round, though there are spells which refills the action bar

● Dead characters will be revived in a few rounds, though there are spells which revive them quickly