Netmarble – Quick interview on Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, Seven Knights Revolution and A3: Still Alive

Following the interview with Netmarble on Magic: ManaStrike, we have followed up with a shorter interview on the 3 other games showcased at G-Star 2019, including Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, Seven Knights Revolution and A3: Still Alive. As these games are still in the middle of development, it is understandable that various key details have yet to be ready for official confirmation. No matter the case, please enjoy the interview below and read on!

A3: Still Alive

Q: From the gameplay we have seen so far, A3: Still Alive is centred around the 30-player battle royale mode. Will there be PVE content such as raids and dungeons?

The most elaborate part of Netmarble’s preparation for the past year since G-Star 2018 is MMORPG content. This is because MMORPG, like Battle Royale, is the biggest part of the identity of A3: Still Alive. We have developed with the focus on both enhancing the fun of MMORPGs and differentiating from other games of the same genre, and we are currently working on the final polishing. More information about MMORPG content that has not been released in the meantime will be unveiled soon.

Q: A3 has a legacy filled with in-game bloodshed and rampant player kill (PK). Will this scare off players who are keener to avoid PVP as much as they can? And will such players be at an extreme disadvantage?

Battle Royale content is an important differentiator for A3: Still Alive. However, it is basically a MMORPG, and various MMORPG contents will be added. We’ll release more of these soon.

Q: Other than the last-man-standing battle royale mode, will there be other PVP features?

We’d like to introduce ‘Dark Presence’, the unlimited and real-time PvP contents. When the darkness falls and the red moon rises, the players are divided into insane and sane camps to have a large-scale battle. This content supports 100 vs 100 battle, players must constantly fight each other for victory in a team-point competition.

Seven Knights Revolution

Q: How did the concept of Seven Knights Revolution came about? Is the game developed purely to expand the lore of the Seven Knights IP?

Through high quality and casual style graphics, and thrilling combat action, we want to inherit the attractive visuals and universe of Seven Knights. The ultimate goal is to create an MMORPG that allows our players become the hero of the Seven Knights’ universe and venture with the legendary heroes. The title ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ means to provide players with an intense, differentiated and fresh gaming experience.

The game is based on the story of Knights in the era that the Seven Knights heroes are no longer exist. Players are able to connect with the fascinating original heroes of Seven Knights and learn about and expand the universe through avatar.

Q: We understand that there are several weapons which player avatars can equip with no class system. Is there a reason behind this design choice?

Customizing combat is the key feature of Seven Knights Revolution. Player’s avatar can use all type of weapons, and the skill and the battle style change depending on which weapons are equipped. Also, player can use hero’s skills through transformation. More than simply changing appearance, players will be able to use unique skills of the heroes of Seven Knights. Transforming into an appropriate hero and use the skills for the situation is the key to pursue effective and strategic battles.

Q: Obviously the main feature of Seven Knights Revolution is the ability to collect hero cards and transform into them. We did read about a partial and full transformation system. Could you shed some light on this?

There are two types of cards. One is complete transformation into a hero, and the other one is weapon transformation (or partial transformation).

As we explained before, transformation into the heroes allows use of unique skills more than just simple change of appearance. Player can make strategic choice depending on combat situation. On the other hand, partial transformation which is utilized by the specific cards containing weapons is for player’s weapon only. For example, using Eileen’s Spear card transforms the avatar’s weapon into Eileen’s Spear.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Q: To start things off, here is the burning question on the minds of everyone. How is Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds connected to the 2 main games?

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds succeeds the story of the original IP and it is based on the universe that the virtual world (Ni no Kuni) and the real world (Ichi no Kuni) coexist, and the subtitle “Cross Worlds” means this. The story of the future which is far from the story of Ni no Kuni 2 is contained. It is not directly connected to the original story, but based on the same universe including regions, monsters, Imazen and so on.

Q: Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is said to be focused on team play and co-operation between players. Are there any reasons for having this development philosophy?

We believe that communication between players and the community created through this are the essential element of MMORPG. This is our philosophy for development of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. In particular, we aim for a community that is naturally created and maintained, and making our players enjoy cooperative play. Various content and system will be introduced for this.

In addition, we’ll add interactive objects to this game to let our players enjoy their own play which is independent from the advance of the main story and growth of character, too. The objects in very unique concept will work as another fun factor that connects our players and making them create their own story.

Q: Players apparently can build their own kingdoms. Could you briefly tell us how this system works?

The kingdom can be upgraded functionally and customized externally Players can change color and type of buildings, and bring some structures from the field also. Our designing goal of the kingdom system is to maximize the variety of play desired by each player within
the universe of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. The kingdom works as battle field and expression of superiority at wars against other communities, and it protects players from attack of monsters too.

Q: Is Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds slated for a global launch in the future?

Currently, our plan is for the game to get a global launch in the 2nd half of 2020.