Corepunk – New seamless open-world PC MMORPG announced

[Game website] Developer Artificial Core has announced Corepunk, a top-down, non-linear MMORPG set in an immersive sci-fi universe. Key art, screenshots and a gameplay trailer have been released in anticipation of the title’s Open Beta on PC later next year. Featuring a seamless open world with miles of wilderness to get lost in, Corepunk will allow players to venture to an array of intricately detailed environments inhabited by four distinct cultures.

Key game features:

● Seamless open world with fog-of-war
● Dynamic weather and day/night cycles
● Open-world PvP
● Non-linear storylines and quest system
● Branching quests with alternative endings
● 4 Immense character build variations

A bustling metropolis and a lonely camp in an uncharted desert will be a few of the many destinations travelers can embark to. Unlike most MMO titles, Corepunk allows players to take on story missions in whichever order they prefer. Every journey will begin by creating a hero, each with a unique set of fighting styles, and each style has a unique set of abilities. These can be tailored gradually through the talents and artifacts players acquire in the game. Builds vary immensely depending on the attributes that one prioritizes.

Corepunk will feature an extensive economy system with crafting and trading in-game items important parts of the player’s overall experience. Branching quests and alternate endings guarantee that no playthrough will be exactly alike. Embarking on an expedition to find a chest filled with loot, a rare monster, or a wandering merchant with special items may yield a few surprises that players may not have anticipated from the get-go.

The fog-of-war system will ensure players will constantly be kept on their toes thanks to dynamic weather and day/night cycles. While it may seem like a hazard at first glance, this system can be utilized to ambush and lure foes into traps during PvP. Each encounter in Corepunk’s PvP component will require a great deal of strategy. The keys to success will lie in constantly managing the distance between oneself and the enemy, keeping an eye on one’s ability cooldowns, and knowing each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Victories will be rewarded through the Honor Points system. Weaker players should rest assured knowing that a karma system will prevent them from being steamrolled or ganked at the outset. Of course, Corepunk will include everything that MMORPG fans have come to expect from the genre, including a profound amount of deep lore, arenas, battlegrounds, guilds, farms, randomly generated dungeons, raids, and crafting and mining professions.