Project A – Re-branded Chinese games company announce ambitious mobile MMORPG

Once the biggest games company in China, Shanda Games has fallen a long way down the abyss over the years, culminating in the recent sale to a new owner and re-branding to Shengqu Games. Still owning Korean developer Eyedentity Games, the new management team of Shengqu Games held a media event yesterday to showcase a few new games and that they are still running as normal. One of the eye-catching games is Project A, a mobile MMORPG developed in-house inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Shengqu Games has overseas plans for Project A, since the western-fantasy IP is not quite popular in China.

Strangely, the press release claims this is an “original IP” despite using the D&D setting… In-development using the Unity engine, Project A is also being crafted based on Apple’s Metal technology. Shengqu Games even hired the music producer of hit Chinese movie The Wandering Earth to create the game’s music along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Various novelists are also hired to write new stories as part of Project A’s content, which likely includes lore and in-game quests. There is no launch schedule yet, so stay tuned!