Ascendant One – Nexon announces closure of sci-fi MOBA

Launching in Early Access mode last September in South Korea, Ascendant One is a pet project by Nexon’s internal team, devCAT. Unfortunately, the Unreal Engine 4 MOBA based on sci-fi Greek gods did not work out, and Nexon has announced the game’s closure on August 14 next month. Payment services has since been stopped, and all characters are free for players to try until the end of service day arrives. devCAT still has several in-development projects, hence the closure of Ascendant One should not have much impact.

If this is the first time you have read about the game, below are some videos which you can take a look at. Of course, with the Korean server closing, there will not be any overseas server launching. It seems like the PC MOBA genre is truly at its saturation point right now.