Project Dunk – New indie sports game mixes basketball with action combat

The slew of indie games introduction from Taipei Game Show 2019 continues, and this time we are looking at Project Dunk, a PC and possibly console multiplayer sports game. Since the title is developed using the Unity engine, technically it can be played on mobile devices too… We will wait for more confirmation on that. Project Dunk is designed with a colorful 3D environment along with 2D elements found in the characters. Rather than basketball, the sports here is known as “Violent Ball” instead, which allows usage of different attacks.

In Project Dunk, players form their team of 3 characters to start each match. Sticking with the overall design, the characters are both colorful and unique, including a sumo, wrestler, radio DJ, skater and many more. All of them comes with their own powerful attack moves, all perfectly legal on the battlefield. Project Dunk is scheduled to launch for PC systems in the 2nd quarter, so stay tuned for updates! Note: The dev team doesn’t have a name!