Fight Lass – Mobile co-op shooter playable at Taipei Game Show

Other than Twelve Weapons of God, Chinese publisher Giant Network has also brought mobile game Fight Lass to Taipei Game Show. A co-op mobile shooter, Fight Lass’ main mode is a 3-player campaign with several playable characters (only 2 were present in the demo) and more than 20 usable weapons. Another highlight of Fight Lass is the feature to customize characters and weapons to each player’s liking in both cosmetics and abilities.

In an attempt to be more user-friendly to players not used to shooter games, Fight Lass will have an automated aiming function too. The main story of Fight Lass centers around the invasion of creatures from another dimension on Earth, and eventually created weapons which are effective against them. In an expected plot line, there are only a handful of young female teens who are able to use them… Stay tuned for more updates!