Korean Game Awards 2019 – Winners announced for annual awards ceremony

Every year on the night before G-Star begins, the games industry gather for the Korean Game Awards to celebrate the year’s greatest games, companies, and people. Last night was the night, and to no one’s surprise, Lost Ark from Smilegate was the biggest winner. The only PC MMORPG in the nominee list, Lost Ark won 6 major awards. See the list below!

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Good Game Award: BTS World

BTS World was different from the other titles since it was a game promoting Korean pop culture worldwide instead of targeting gamers.

Best Self-Regulatory Enterprise Award: Takeone Company

The developer of BTS World (Netmarble is the publisher). BTS World was considered a “healthy” game with no issues of loot boxes, gambling etc, thus giving the developer a clean image.

Popular Game Award: Lost Ark

The first of 6 awards, this result is based on public voting. I would say it is well-deserved being a quality PC MMORPG in the tsunami of mobile games.

Excellent Developer Award (Planning and Design): Employee from AIXLAB

AIXLAB is a motion graphics studio which has dabbled in VR for many years. I am not too sure about this company, so check it out here.

Excellent Developer Award (Programming): Employee from AIXLAB

Visit the link above to find out more about this company. Not so much game-related.

Startup Company Award: Moai Games

Developer of Traha, which is currently published in South Korea by Nexon. It takes platinum balls to make a mobile MMORPG using Unreal Engine 4 as the first project.

Indie Game Award: Heroes Restaurant

A game developed by Team Tapas, you can visit its Google Play page in the link above. It seems that Smilegate have it some support as well. Also, an English version is being worked on right now.

Game Business Innovation Award: Pearl Abyss

Mainly due to the expansion of the Black Desert IP from PC to consoles and mobile.

Technology Creation Award (Planning and Scenario): Smilegate for Lost Ark

Based on the technological “prowess” and strength shown in Lost Ark.

Technology Creation Award (Sound): Smilegate for Lost Ark

As the award suggests, it is to acknowledge the wonderful sound effects, music, themes, and songs found in Lost Ark.

Technology Creation Award (Graphics): Smilegate for Lost Ark

Nothing much to say here. I don’t think any other games in 2019 came close, though I would have to admit perhaps the award should be shared with Epic Games since Unreal Engine was used to create Lost Ark.

Technology Creation Award (Character): Smilegate for Lost Ark

Wiping all the 4 technology awards clean, Smilegate and the Lost Ark team can head to bed with a smile tonight.

Next Generation Game Content Award: Smilegate for Focus On You

A virtual reality (VR) dating simulator. Nothing much to see here. Next.

Social Contribution Excellence Award: Riot Games Korea

Award for doing good social campaigns and promoting/preserving Korean culture.

Excellence Prize:

Cherry Bugs (an internal Netmarble team) for Blade & Soul Revolution
Funnypaw (an internal Netmarble team) for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
Netmarble N2 (an internal Netmarble team) for a puzzle game known as Catchmind
KRAFTON for Mistover

Grand Prize: XLGAMES for Moonlight Sculptor

Broke 1 million downloads in its first day of launch and the key Korean mobile game in the second half of 2019 (before the other competitors launch). I would say it is well-deserved.

Presidential Award: Lost Ark by Smilegate

The top prize and a well-deserved winner, Lost Ark racked up a total of 6 major awards.