NCsoft – Updates for several game sequels mentioned in quarterly financial call

As you might have already known, industry heavyweights such as Nexon and NCsoft are skipping G-Star 2019. However, they cannot escape the quarterly financial call where they are obliged to answer questions from investors. NCsoft recently revealed their financial results for 3Q 2019 (July to September), and there was a slight decrease in net income. While the results are not perfect, it is still far from being a disaster. Before the investors Q&A, here are the financial presentation slides. 4Q 2019 is going to be major for NCsoft.

Investor Q&A summary:

● More capital is provided to NC West, the western subsidiary, to help the struggling unit to break into the western market with a focus on console titles.

● Blade & Soul S is targeted to launch overseas first instead of South Korea due to NCsoft executives feeling that the “nature of the game” is a better fit overseas. Preparations for its overseas launch is lagging behind development pace, and NCsoft will work on improving it.

● Blade & Soul 2 and Aion 2 are still in active development, but the company is currently more focused on launching Lineage 2M this month. The executives are now discussing how to strategically fit the 2 games into next year’s launch schedule.

● Blade & Soul M (not Blade & Soul Revolution by Netmarble) was not mentioned during the financial call.

● Project TL is still in active development. The only new PC MMORPG announced by NCsoft in recent years is scheduled for a Closed Beta test in the first half of 2020.