Korean Game Awards 2019 – Only 1 PC game is nominated for annual award

With the whole gaming industry shifting away from PC games, it is no surprise that only 1 was nominated for the annual Korean Game Awards. As the title revealed, Lost Ark is the game, and we do have a funny feeling that it will win the top Presidential Award on 13 November before G-Star 2019 begins the next day. The other nominees are mostly mobile games, with notable ones including BTS World, the recently-launched Moonlight Sculptor, The King of Fighters Allstar, Blade & Soul Revolution, and Traha. There are a couple of other game nominations as well, Rogan (VR title) and Mistover (multiple platforms).

In other news related to Lost Ark, developer Smilegate is still actively hiring for employees with English skills and translation positions back in South Korea. According to a message from Daichi Takeshi on Facebook, the Russian server of Lost Ark has already entered Open Beta on 27 October, which was just a few days back. Stay tuned for more updates!

Update: Some punks on Reddit claim Smilegate is not hiring for English translations and MMO Culture is lying (again). Please view the attached job recruitment post below from Smilegate hiring a L10N PM. As I am in the gaming industry and dealt with localization before, L10N is a simple short-form of… localization. The recruitment post continues with a requirement for the English language for this position, and 3 years in the translation industry. Redditors please don’t believe anything someone randomly post in the section.