Dragon Hound – Nexon confirms its has stopped development for PC MMO

First announced at G-Star 2018, Dragon Hound was one of the few PC games which Korean gaming giant Nexon was working. Developed by devCat, the team behind Mabinogi, work has officially stopped for the Unreal Engine 4 title. This has been confirmed to be related to Nexon’s internal restructuring which started a couple of months ago. The management team reviewed all ongoing games, and said that Nexon is “more in need of success before.”

It was also claimed that the company will “scale aggressively” for new projects, and when employees “look back 3 years from now”, they would agree that the internal restructuring and game cancellations “was a necessary step for healthy growth.” Nexon also announced its latest financial report yesterday for Q3 (Jul to Sep 2019), with sales sliding down for its worldwide business. How will Nexon recover from this big crisis? Only the future will tell.