Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest – Quick look at new mobile MMORPG launched recently in China

This week’s game introduction is not a Chinese indie title, but one based on the hugely popular IP, Dragon Ball. Developed by Giant Interactive, one of China’s games supremo, Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest recently launched under publisher Tencent Games. There have been many attempts on making a quality Dragon Ball MMORPG before, but personally I feel this hits the mark if you look past the heavy monetization and Pay-to-Win elements. All players start off with young Son Goku, before recruiting new warriors to join the team.

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest does follow the manga’s storyline to some extent, but instead of playing through the same thing, players are sent to correct the timeline which threatens to change the original timeline and events. As usual for a China-made MMORPG, there are tons of activities and events to unlock and enjoy. There are many that I missed (since I only played for 2 days), so do not think that the gameplay video above has already showcased the bulk of the features. I am guessing I have just tried 30% of all content!

From what I read, many hardcore Dragon Ball fans in China are not too pleased with the game, but I quite enjoyed it. Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest has tons of characters, from the famous ones to the more obscure ones, and all of them are playable with unique skills and abilities. Of course, for key characters such as Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan, there are multiple versions of them. The game looks vibrant and lively, the effects are flashy, and details such as Buma’s classic bunny costume really pleased the Dragon Ball nerd in me.