EVE Echoes – Open Beta month announced for sci-fi galactic mobile game

NetEase Games and CCP Games today announced that Open Beta for EVE Echoes, the authentic EVE Online experience for mobile devices, goes live in December. Developed by NetEase Games with CCP Games, EVE Echoes was unveiled last year and will be available to demo for the first-time at EVE Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, this coming weekend. EVE Echoes brings the vast, interstellar EVE universe from PC to the palm of all players’ hands.

Built using NetEase Games’ proprietary NeoX graphics engine, EVE Echoes stays true to hallmark EVE Online design principles and immerses pilots in beautiful starry skies and across boundless star fields. Pilots must collect resources, manufacture items, and explore thousands of uncharted planets to write their own history in pursuit of galactic glory. A realistic social system enables players to lead corporations, form coalitions, capture rival territories, engage in intergalactic combat, and more across thousands planetary systems.