Netmarble – Seven Knights Revolution and more announced for G-Star 2019

As we get closer to November, the Korean game developers are gradually announcing their lineups for the annual G-Star convention. With Nexon and NCsoft missing, it is up to other heavyweights such as Pearl Abyss and also Netmarble to make sure there are still new games to be excited about. The latter today revealed its bevy of mobile games, including the hardcore PVP title A3: Still Alive and 2 new surprise entries, Magic: Mana Strike and Seven Knights Revolution. Oddly enough, the sequel-prequel Seven Knights 2 is missing!

A3: Still Alive

Most of the younger readers will probably not know or played the PC MMORPG known as A3 back in the days. Open PK is the key feature of the game, with high-level players actively camping just outside town for some quick kills and thrills (damn them). Announced last year, Netmarble is working on the mobile version known as A3: Still Alive with all the PK features intact. Certainly not a game for PVE carebears! A new team-based battle royale mode, where 10 teams of 3 players fight to survive, will be showcased at G-Star 2019.

Magic: ManaStrike

As an avid collector of Magic: The Gathering cards in real life (not playing Magic Arena though), Magic: ManaStrike piqued my interest as 1 of the new games to be showcased at G-Star 2019 by Netmarble. Announced last year as “Magic: The Gathering M”, this is a real-time mobile strategy game using the original TCG template. Essentially it means that Magic: ManaStrike is re-creating the game and world view with high-quality 3D graphics for the millions of fans around the world. Note that this is not a confirmation of a global launch, just from the Korean press release. Perhaps that is why Arena is now on mobile…

Seven Knights Revolution

Ah, the most interesting of them all. Seven Knights Revolution is the 3rd “Revolution” game after Lineage II and Blade & Soul, and as you could have guessed it is a mobile MMORPG. Apparently the game takes place immediately after the seven titular heroes vanished with chaos looming over the world. Players will be able to transform into 1 of these seven heroes, though it is just a game feature and not permanent. It was said that there is a transformable weapon system as well, but we would need to further inspect the game. At G-Star 2019, Netmarble will demonstrate the “Thanatos Boss Raid” to highlight Seven Knights Revolution’s co-op PVE gameplay and character skills. Stay tuned for updates!

Seven Knights 2

Netmarble only mentioned that the game is still in development without confirming if it will be showcased at G-Star 2019. It seems that the Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG has hit a rough patch back in the studio. We will post updates whenever they are available.

Second Country: Cross Worlds

This is a new mobile MMORPG based on the Ni no Kuni worldview. As you can see from the teaser image, it will have colorful animated 3D graphics and with a gameplay focus on social systems. This include a guild system with features encouraging active collaboration between members among many others. Players may also collect and nurture spirits to fight alongside them on the battlefield, pretty much like a pet system. For the G-Star demo, there will be 5 selectable characters for the story mode, along with a 3 vs 3 PVP mode.