Ember Storm – First look at Chinese mobile MMORPG based on Bless Online

First announced back in 2016, the Korean subsidiary of Longtu Games signed a contact with Neowiz Games to develop a mobile MMORPG based on Bless Online, which was the most hyped PC MMORPG back then. Recently, the China headquarters of Longtu Games gave an update of the project, now titled “余烬风暴” which roughly translates to “Ember Storm.” It is unknown if Ember Storm is still developed using Unreal Engine, but the team promised it will utilize the most advanced technologies to craft an amazing experience.

One of the technologies mentioned is ray tracing, which makes all objects look more realistic. Longtu Games said that a core focus has been put on party dungeons, where each class and skill combinations matter, along with co-operative and strategic gameplay. Of course, the usual features such as mounts, pets, costumes, life skills such as fishing, cooking, and many more are all available. Stay tuned for more information when available!