Tales of Crestoria – New trailer revealed for upcoming mobile JRPG

First announced late last year, we finally get to see actual gameplay for Tales of Crestoria recently when developer Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed a couple of trailers (we merged them into 1 below). This isn’t the first time a “Tales of” game has landed on the mobile platform, with the global server for Tales of Rays ending in May 2018. Not deterred by a lack of success, Tales of Crestoria aims to bounce back with with a darker and more serious theme, apparently centering around “blood and betrayal,” with the 3 protagonists each carrying some sort of “crime” or “burden” with them. A really cool and fresh concept!

Just an side note, it was mentioned that the story script was written by Jun Kumagai. As you can see from the trailer above, combat is back to the classic JRPG turn-based system. Other than each character aligning with an element and having an ultimate skill known as “Mystic Arte,” you can see from that the new characters in Tales of Crestoria all have red weapons. According to the story, these weapons drawn from blood are called “Blood Sins.” Anyways, Tales of Crestoria is confirmed for an English release, so stay tuned for more!

Story for Tales of Crestoria:

In Kanata’s (the main protagonist) world, all citizens must wear “vision orbs” that allow them to be condemned by popular vote if they commit a crime. Kanata is the only son of a respected village leader who runs an orphanage, and has begun to harbor feelings for Misella, a girl in his care. One fateful night, tragedy befalls Misella, and Kanata commits a grave crime in order to save her. In her zeal to protect Kanata, Misella ends up with blood on her own hands. Caught in the act by their “vision orbs,” both are judged to be “transgressors” by their fellow citizens, and “enforcers” are dispatched to punish them.

As they flee for their lives, Kanata and Misella meet the notorious Vicious, a man known as “The Great Transgressor.” He offers them a choice: “Own your sin, or let it own you.” Kanata and Misella decide to face up to what they have done and fight for their lives while bearing the weight of their crimes. Now able to tap into the power of their “blood sin,” the two accompany Vicious on a quest to find respite from a world that wants them erased.