League of Legends – Riot Games revealing future content in live-stream next month

League of Legends is starting the festivities to celebrate its 10th anniversary! It has been a decade since the MOBA changed the gaming landscape and defined a genre, with developer Riot Games kicking off the celebrations by revealing a new game logo, as seen above. On October 15th at 6:00 PM (PST), Riot Games will hold an anniversary live-stream to take a look back at the team’s favorite League moments and share a glimpse of the future, including a first look at this year’s preseason changes and TFT’s next big content update. Oh yes, there is also a new icon, as seen below. Hopefully, Teemo becomes a meta pick!

And here we have the new logo for China, arguably still the biggest market for League of Legends (sorry, South Korea). If you did not know, publisher Tencent Games event setup a new company with Riot Games to handle all things related to the game! Other regions will be using the English logo, with no localized versions. Sleek and modern, we love the look!