Monster Farm – Everything we know thus far about the mobile port

First teased a couple of months ago, we knew that a new title based on the classic PlayStation game Monster Rancher (or Monster Farm) is in the works, although we did not know for which platform. Now that we know almost the full details, the whole project does seem kind of… weird, in a sense that it will not be available for any PlayStation consoles. Simply titled “Monster Farm” in Japan, here is the information we know. Read on below!

● The developer is still Koei Tecmo, the studio behind games such as Dynasty Warriors. You can view a full list of its games here.

● This new mobile version of Monster Farm is not a remake, but an almost-direct port of the first Monster Farm game made in 1997 for PlayStation. Of course, there are some new features, but the core of the game is still based on the first title. Just look at the graphics!

● Other than launching on the iOS and Android platforms, Monster Hunter will also launch on Nintendo Switch. However, it is not scheduled to be available on PlayStation consoles. Only a launch in 2019 is promised right now with no confirmed date.

● Monster Farm will not be a Free-to-Play title, and will instead cost 1,900 Japanese Yen (around 18.00 USD). The price is the same for all 3 platforms.

● Monster Farm is designated as a single-player game, but players can register for tournaments and battle others. So while there is no co-op PVE features, there is certainly online PVP battles available! However, it does state that this is only “nationwide”, so players from outside Japan might not have access. There are player ranks awarded as well.

● In the old games, players get new monsters by inserting different CD into the PlayStation console. In this new Monster Farmer, the game itself has an internal database consisting of classic old songs to new modern entries from the past 20 years. Players will have to search for song names in this system and unlock new monsters! While the description seems vague, we really have to see it in action to have a clearer view of how this system works.

● It was not mentioned if the database only contains Japanese songs, or if players can enter English text. There is actually an official website by Koei Tecmo for keen players to suggest song names (and details such as which CD it was from)! Stay tuned for more updates on this function.

● Acting as breeders, players must take meticulous care of their monsters, which in turn affect stats like loyalty, life, power, activeness, and many more. There are both in-game work and practices to be done, but letting monsters rest is key too! Who knows, something unique might happen…

● Other than social sharing functions, players can also look forward to future collaboration events and campaigns. Perhaps with other Koei Tecmo games?