Logres Stories – Sequel to popular mobile RPG launches this month in Japan

Logres of Swords and Sorcery: Goddess of Ancient was a much beloved mobile JRPG with many fans, but sadly its global server closed earlier this year. The Japanese server is still running strong though. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as a couple of months back developers Marvelous Inc and Aiming Inc announced the sequel, Logres Stories. There should be a high chance of this game being opened for a global service. Logres Stories will launch in Japan on 18 September with a bevy of unique characters and 6 unique classes.

Similar to the predecessor, players in Logres Stories can customize the looks of their characters to stand out from the crowd. As the first batch of adventurers in the new Adventure Union, you will be tasked to explore the world and help people to resolve their issues. As a true MMORPG, all maps in the game are open-world, so you will see other players around as well. In the original game, combat takes place in a separate battle screen, but in Logres Stories the whole process takes places seamlessly on the map.

Characters can switch between the 6 unique classes (or jobs) and level each of them individually by equipping the corresponding weapon. There are passive bonuses for achieving higher levels for each class, which is a way for the developers to “motivate” players into spending more time in Logres Stories… While no overseas server has been announced, there is a good chance it will arrive. Stay tuned for all the latest information!