Exos Heroes – Quick look at Closed Beta 2 of mobile RPG sequel

Around 5 years ago, a mobile RPG titled Exos Saga launched in Southeast Asia discreetly and became a sleeper hit. Due to its regional restriction, overseas players might not really have heard of this game. Fast forward to 2019 and developer Oozoo has now started Closed Beta 2 for Exos Heroes, the sequel to Exos Saga, under the guidance of Korean publisher LINE Games. Like the original, Exos Heroes retain the hero-collection (gacha!) and turn-based combat. The biggest change is the upgrade of graphics from 2D to full 3D.

There is now an open world in Exos Heroes for players to travel from one location to another, with small events such as treasure hunting and even AFK leveling (game must be turned on though). I am not sure if getting burned by the flying dragon meant anything… But is is definitely a nice touch instead of just the boring screen change. The automated system is the main flaw here, as it does not let players control when to use skills or the ultimate. It also does not tell players how it functions, sometimes using skills when ready but other times not. It is really frustrating! There is currently no news for an overseas launch for Exos Heroes, but I do see a global market for this game. Stay tuned for updates!