League of Wonderland – SEGA announce global launch date for new mobile RTS title

Japanese developer SEGA recently announced the official launch dates of League of Wonderland, a brand new real-time-strategy game for iOS and Android devices. League of Wonderland brings to mobile the expertise of SEGA’s arcade game Wonderland Wars, which launched in Japan in 2015 and is planned for a worldwide debut on 30 September 2019.

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League of Wonderland is set in a world where well-known fairy tales, myths and historical characters are battling against each other after their original stories have concluded. The player wields a deck of 8 cards, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. They need to destroy their opponent’s towers within the time limit of 2 minutes to achieve victory. Should they attack, defend or sacrifice their units? Thinking fast is the only way to victory!

2 minutes of fast-paced 1-on-1 strategic battles

Experience 2 minute battles with intensely fast-paced and strategic moves! The rules are simple: the first player to destroys 2 out of 3 of their opponent’s towers first wins! Minions, special towers, map gimmicks, and a variety of unique elements create a new style of real-time strategy game.

Play to your audience!

Use the Viewer to watch other players battle in real-time! Bet on the winner in the viewer and win in-game rewards.

Draw your way to victory with “Draw Shots”

“Draw Shots” are skills that are activated by drawing on your screen. Effects vary from piercing and area attacks to buffs and debuffs. When and where to use them? That’s all up to you!

Strike “Draw Shot” first to “BREAK” your opponent!

Player can block your opponent’s “Draw Shot” by striking your “Draw Shot” first.

Open Beta is ongoing in Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, India, Singapore, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico and Russia. League of Wonderland will launch in English and Japanese languages globally on 30 September 2019 in the following countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and a total of more than 100 other countries and regions.