Moonlight Sculptor – First details revealed for upcoming mobile MMORPG

Following the recent reveal of Moonlight Sculptor’s theme song, the pre-registration phase for this upcoming mobile MMORPG has started in South Korea! Developed by XLGAMES of ArcheAge fame and published locally by Kakao Games, Moonlight Sculptor is adapted from the best-selling Korean novel, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.  While there is no actual gameplay shown yet, the website has been updated with many images and pictures which seem to be the actual in-game character models. We have summarized some details below as well, so read on! There is currently no overseas launch confirmed for Moonlight Sculptor.

● The mobile MMORPG starts off with 5 classes to choose from, and there are hidden classes in the game! There are obviously not listed right now.

● Staying faithful to the novel, players can follow the footsteps of Weed, the main protagonist, or explore the vast continent freely and uncover secret locations!

● There will be weekly PVP tournaments where players can win exclusive titles and loot. Players can even turn on PVP mode in the open world and confront other players!

● Instanced PVE dungeon will be available as well for players to score some awesome items and rare treasures.

● It is claimed that housing will be provided to players for “free”, and they can be decorated to each player’s liking!

● Life skills such as cooking, crafting, fishing, and others not mentioned will be in the game.

● Players can apparently tame pets and hire mercenaries to accompany them on their adventures. How convenient!

● Other than unlocking the secret class, players can obtain sculptures on their adventures as well to place in their houses. Yes, these sculptures will provide buff effects!

● Other than secret classes and unexplored locations, there are many hidden quests waiting for players to trigger with no guides at all!

Important note: We actually get to see a sneak peek of the gameplay in the trailer below! It happens between the 32nd and 33rd seconds.