PlanetSide Arena – Steam Early Access begins this September for massive online shooter

[Steam page] In a community letter published today, developers discuss their bold, expansive vision for PlanetSide Arena and, for the first time, reveal a detailed roadmap that includes the game’s Steam Early Access release on September 19 and a multi-platform launch in early 2020. “This is just the beginning,” according to Andy Sites, Executive Producer on PlanetSide Franchise. “We have an unrivaled ability to create online games at scale, and PlanetSide Arena will be the next step forward in the genre of arena shooters.”

PlanetSide Arena is a match-based shooter featuring combined arms combat, an evolution of PlanetSide that defined massive-scale, all-out planetary warfare. It introduces class-based, sci-fi action with lightning fast jet packs and vehicles, compelling team tactics and a deep tech tree with weapon mods and in-game progression. PlanetSide Arena is an ambitious project that magnifies all the comradery, signature moments, and massive battles PlanetSide is known for. The game’s initial launch will feature the new Squads mode (12 soldiers per Squad) and Teams mode (3 soldiers per Team) in epic 300-player matches.

Over the next year, however, the team will begin to explore a future that will see an evolution of the empires, introduce new vehicles, weapons, classes, events, maps, and new game modes as well as classic favorites reimagined, all at a scale that can only be created through a PlanetSide experience. Modes like 300-player Squads, Sunderdome, Outfit Wars and Massive Clash will spark a new, even more intense phase in the battle for Auraxis.