Assault! Ragnarok – Gravity holds media conference to preview new game

First announced a couple of weeks ago, Korean games company Gravity teased a new game based on its Ragnarok IP, roughly translated as Assault! Ragnarok. Yesterday, a media event was held to provide more official details about the game. It is not the groun-breaking Ragnarok Online sequel everyone anticipated, but another rehash on the classic 2.5D Ragnarok Online. So what is new these time? We break down some of the more important details below. Note that Assault! Ragnarok is only scheduled for South Korea.

• Amazingly, there is still no official logo design for Assault! Ragnarok.

• As mentioned above, Assault! Ragnarok is utilizing the classic 2.5D sprites based on the original Ragnarok Online.

• Assault! Ragnarok is developed in China by The Dream (or Dream²), the same company which made the various mobile MMORPG titles based on the Ragnarok IP.

• Assault! Ragnarok apparently had a Closed Beta test in China, but will launch first in South Korea by Gravity. Closed Beta in South Korea will begin this month, followed by an official launch set for September. However, it may be delayed depending on feedback.

• The game is crafted using a HTML5 engine known as Layabox. Being a HTML5 game, it can be played on mobile and PC systems without needing to download a game client. However, Gravity will still prepare official apps for Google Play and App Store.

• Even though HTML5 technology allows all players to be in the same server, Gravity somehow decided to have separate servers for the PC and mobile versions. Players from both sides will meet during server PVP wars.

• As seen in the GIF image, there is the mobile version will have a vertical (or portrait) screen rather than a typical landscape view for the PC version.

• Yes, there will be automated functions like a typical mobile game.

• There are 5 starting classes for Assault! Ragnarok.

• Gravity touted over 100 types of costumes, mounts, and cosmetic items in the game.

• The current end-game content is Guild vs Guild fighting over territories (strange they did not mention it as WOE)

• Assault! Ragnarok is a free-to-play title, something we forgot to mention earlier.

• Post-launch, Gravity has prepared around 5 months worth of content updates ready.

• As mentioned earlier, there are no plans for an overseas launch for Assault! Ragnarok.