Lineage 2 – Brief introduction to the new Death Knight class

Yesterday, the South Korean server of Lineage 2 went fully Free-to-Play along with adding the new Death Knight class. Of course, the auto-farm convenience system went online as well. Not much information was revealed about the Death Knight until a few days back, so we decided to delve a little deeper into the class with the official information provided by developer NCsoft. The English server of Lineage 2 is still running, although it seems to be lacking behind by quite a number of major updates when compared with the Korean one.

• Interestingly, the Death Knight class has different elements based on the race selected.

• Human race Death Knights use the element of fire; Elf race Death Knights use the element of cold; Dark Elf race Death Knights use the element of lightning.

• The other races do not have the option to create Death Knights.

• Despite the difference in elements, all Death Knights uses a single-hand sword specializing in melee magic damage. This is definitely a DPS class, not a tank.

• Death Knights have a special “Death Point” gauge. This is filled up by attacking or using skills. Once charged fully at 1000 points, they can transform into a Ghost Rider-like “True” Death Knight, sort of like a berserk mode. This form lasts for 60 seconds, and has a cool-down of 120 seconds after the transformation finishes.

• Other than having much more damage, the “True” Death Knight mode has lesser defense and players acquires a health-leeching skill.