World of Dragon Nest – Pre-Closed Beta version FAQ Part 3

With Closed Beta for World of Dragon Nest officially starting next week, we have come to Part 3 and the final part of our Pre-Closed Beta tour! Since time was limited during our short stint in the game, some game features were not tested and it leaves tons of content for the lucky 30,000 testers to explore when the gates open. Developed by Eyedentity Games, World of Dragon Nest is published in Southeast Asia by Nexon Thailand, with only the Taiwan server announced thus far as well. Without further a due, here are the final tips!

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Q: Is there open world PK in World of Dragon Nest?

A: As mentioned in Part 1, we were playing solo for most of the preview test phase, hence we could not try it out on anyone. However, we think the screenshot below answers the question:


Q: Is there an auction house in World of Dragon Nest?

A: Yes! There is an auction house NPC in Saint Haven, and it is also accessible from one of the game menus without going to the NPC.


Q: What is the function of mounts and pets in the game?

A: Both provide the character with stats buff as you level and evolve them. They do not actively take part in battles though. For mounts, the basic function is to improve traveling speed. For pets, they help pick up drops so that players can concentrate on smashing enemies. You can see more of their effects in the video below:

Q: What other features are there in World of Dragon Nest?

A: Here is a screenshot of the fun gameplay modes we did not get to try, since they were meant to be enjoyed with many other players. We have no doubt Closed Beta will be fun! There is also an offline meter as well to reward players with EXP based on how long they are away from the game. A cool feature which is becoming a norm these days.