TERA Classic – Mobile MMORPG begins pre-registration in South Korea

Korean games publisher Kakao Games today announced the start of the pre-registration phase for its upcoming mobile MMORPG, TERA Classic. Developed by Lantu Games, TERA Classic takes place 20 years before the start of the PC version, and apparently during the conflict between the conquering Dark Devan Empire and Resistance Army (not 100% sure). TERA Classic is touted as a huge open-world mobile MMORPG with a focus on guild content.

Only 4 classes are announced for TERA Classic thus far, and it seems they are all race-locked. Of course, the popular Elin race is sure to be in the mix. Kakao Games did not reveal a launch schedule, nor the game was announced for any overseas market yet. There are still a couple of TERA mobile titles coming soon. Stay tuned for more information!