Closers Mobile – Quick look at China-exclusive mobile action RPG

It seems like Chinese game companies these days will grab any IP they can from overseas to make new games, even if the IP isn’t really popular yet. The latest to join this group is Closers Mobile, based on the Closers PC action MMO which has servers in South Korea and North America. Developed by EJOY and published by Chukong Technologies, this China-exclusive mobile action RPG impressed us by having all 3 playable teams (Black Lambs, Wolf Dogs, Wildhüter) with a total of 12 playable characters up to Luna, the Shieldmaiden.

Unfortunately, most of the characters are locked behind quests and pay walls. Similar to the PC version, Closers Mobile uses a side-scroll combat system with many flashy skills to churn out the chain combos. Other than being able to switch around the characters before each battle, the support characters can be used once per battle as a powerful companion skill. There are plenty of cosmetic costumes as well, which really impressed us with the close attention to details. Closers Mobile is not currently scheduled for an overseas launch.