MU Origin 2 – SEA server gets updated with new marriage system and more

Just a couple of months after the new Diviner class entered the Southeast Asia server of MU Origin 2, the mobile MMORPG was once again updated with brand-new game features yesterday, including the Marriage System and the cross-server Abyss Domination among several others. There is something for new and veteran players! We take a quick look at these exciting new features below, and don’t forget to give MU Origin 2 a try if you haven’t!

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Player Marriage System

Otherwise known as the couple system in other online games, basically this allows 2 players to be bonded in-game for various bonus effects and gain other advantages. Both players will need to be wearing the wedding rings!

Abyss Domination

This is the new PVP mode where alliances (or guilds) fight over control of territories! It is really simple: the alliance which captures and holds the specific territory’s flag for 3 minutes occupies the land. Defend the flag for the duration of the Abyss Domination and the alliance gets to keep the land and reap its bounty till the next event! Exclusive mounts and titles await the victors as well. There are 3 grades of territories (C-B-A) and alliances will have to start from C before working their way up to A which holds the most treasure!

Godhood System

This is a new feature for high level veteran players. Basically, it is a passive system where stats are added to boost characters further. Upgrading requires “Ki”, which can be obtained either through specific items or trading of experience points. The total Divinity points will determine the character’s Godhood status, such as “Oracle” as seen in the image below.

Glyph Rank-up System

Glyphs are similar to runes equipped to characters to boost them passively. With this new rank-up system, up to 3 similar glyphs of the same type and at least orange quality can be merged into a powerful red quality glyph. The main orange glyph will absorb the level and additional stats of the 2 sub glyphs (these 2 sub glyphs must remain at +0), and at times even give exclusive new stats during the rank-up process!

Trial of Gods

Another new feature for high-level players, Trial of Gods will test even the top characters with 10 levels of boss raids. A solo daily event with no challenge limit, huge amount of Spiritual Power and Astral Gems can be obtained after slaying each boss.

Enchanted Costumes

Character costumes, which changes the appearance of characters, can now be enchanted to randomly gain bonus stats. However, it seems that the enchantment is permanent and there is no way to re-roll for better enchanted stats.

Premium Bonus

Perhaps the ultimate monetized feature for the “busier” players of MU Origin 2, Premium Bonus allows them to quickly finish daily tasks at one tap (several taps actually) without having to manual control any actions.