MU Origin 2 – Diviner class joins the battle with several new game features

MU Origin 2 first launched in Southeast Asia earlier this year, and it has just seen a recent major update in the Abyssal Realm. To keep players on their toes and the vision of regular new content, publisher GameNow yesterday added the new playable class, Diviner, into the world of MU Origin 2. While being a ranged magic caster, Diviner has a few support skills too. Other than her spells, a main focus of Diviner is to restrict targets’ movement, such as decreasing their speed or immobilizing them to a spot. Other than the Diviner, there were other new features as well which you can see below. Join the MU continent right now!

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New class: Diviner

Described as “the leader of battlefield support”, the new Diviner class is equipped from the very early stages with powerful area of effect (AOE) spells which will tear through enemy mobs. While she might be seen as a powerful PVE class, do not underestimate her in large-scale PVP scenarios, where most of her deceleration and immobilization effects frustrate even the most powerful guilds. She is equipped with healing and defensive buffs too!

Master Talent

This is a new system to make all characters more powerful. Players can choose from 3 different categories (or mix them up) and increase the selected talent. Most talents provide a passive buff to characters, while some makes certain spells and skills more powerful.

Phantom Monastery

A cross-server realm event, this is a new 8 vs 8 PVP battle accessible only for high level players. According to the description, players can obtain refinement items, experience points, and also fame points from participating and winning.

Gear Refine

Each piece of equipment will now come with 1 to 5 new stats to refine. Starting off at zero, players can spend Enchantment Stones to refine each time, with the results being random (can increase or decrease). However, selecting to pay the refining fee with Diamond instead of gold will prevent the refine stats from decreasing.

Costume Wardrobe

Each of the Skin option, including Costume, Weapon, Wings, and Horcrux will now get its own wardrobe system. Players can put in excess skins into them to obtain the bonus stats. For example, if a player has 4 Weapon skins, he can choose to equip one and put the other 3 into the Weapon skin wardrobe to gain the stats boost from all skins. Skins inserted into the wardrobe will not affect the external appearance of characters.

World Experience

While I have limited details about this new feature, the system supposedly gives out bonus experience points to players who are below the server average character level. This helps new players level up faster and eventually with the aim of catching up with the average level of all players within the same server. A really cool feature, so invite your friends now!