Project Eternal – Closed Beta begins in Japan today for new mobile MMORPG

Developed by famed Japanese mobile MMORPG developer Asobimo, Project Eternal will begin its Closed Beta phase later today. Touted by Asobimo as the essence of the team’s years of experience, Project Eternal will welcome a total of 10,000 iOS testers (thanks to reader for correction). The Closed Beta will last 1 week until 21 May. A massive MMORPG built specifically for mobile devices, Project Eternal will sport the best 3D graphics Asobimo has crafted to date. There is no launch schedule now, so stay tuned for future updates!

Current features of Project Eternal include:

• Over 100 unique quests

• Mount and pet system (after meeting requirements)

• 4 playable classes in the holy trinity roles (Tank, DPS, Support), including: Warrior (DPS), Paladin (Tank), Wizard (DPS) and Priest (Support).

• 2 PVE dungeons for 5-player parties (with match-making system)

• More in-development features will be regularly in the near future