Lost Ark – Russian service begins selling Founder’s Packages

First announced late last year, Mail.Ru obtained the publishing rights for Lost Ark in Russia. If you did not know, Mail.Ru is the biggest internet company in the country, similar to how Tencent is the biggest in China. A multi-billion company and with the woes of games not getting approved in China, it is no wonder developer Smilegate is working on the Russian version right now. Thanks to reader Daichi Takeshi, we now know that Founder’s Packages for Lost Ark Russia is now being sold to the Russian gamers by Mail.Ru. Have a look below!

999₽ = USD 15.27; 2599₽ = USD 39.74; 3299₽ = USD 50.44

Like the Korean server, Lost Ark Russia will remain as a Free-to-Play MMORPG, although there is no test schedule revealed yet. However, each purchase of a Founder’s Package will guarantee access to Closed Beta. Mail.Ru also claimed that there might be additional items added to the Founder’s Packages in the future at no extra cost. Progress made during Closed Beta will be deleted before Open Beta begins. Mail.Ru stated as the contract for Lost Ark is only for Russia and CIS regions, it reserves the rights to impose region restrictions.