New Gunbound – Cross-platform sequel announced for Southeast Asia

Growing in status as the second biggest gaming exhibition in South Korea after G-Star, yesterday marked the end of PlayX4 in Gyeonggi-do, the most populous province in the country. While not many major announcements were made, Thailand-based games publisher Electronics Extreme held a signing ceremony with Korean developer Softnyx for a new online game, New Gunbound. You read it right, a new Gunbound title is in the works, and there is already a publisher for the Southeast Asia region. Here are some cool details!

• New Gunbound is developed by the original team at Softnyx and another Korean studio known as Rocket Punch Games.

• New Gunbound is developed as an official sequel to the original Gunbound.

• Electronics Extreme will publish New Gunbound in 10 Southeast Asia countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

• The game will can be played on both PC and mobile devices (multi-platform) and supports cross-platform (PC and mobile users playing in same server). Softnyx is also considering official support for PC emulators.

• The most important new feature is a “real-time” mode for mobile users. The turn-based system is completely changed with a focus on “real-time strategy” elements.

• The old-school classic turn-based mode will still be available, so don’t worry!

• Softnyx is working hard on optimizing the matchmaking algorithms so that there is not much gap between existing pro players and new users.

• Other than PVP, Softnyx has added PVE features to New Gunbound such as Adventure Mode and Boss Mode. Players can gain experience points and rewards through various quests as well. Community features such as guild and marriage are also in development.

• There will be more cosmetic features in New Gunbound for players to dress up their character and mobiles, including rare skins.

• Softnyx claims that the tutorial is very well-made, and new users can get into the game after just 5 minutes.

• New Gunbound is currently scheduled to launch in Southeast Asia this 3rd quarter, which is between July to September. Note that the timing might still change.

• There is currently no screenshots nor videos of New Gunbound, so stay tuned for more!