Peria Chronicles – Quick look at first Korean test phase

As previously announced, Nexon held the first test phase for Peria Chronicles in South Korea over the weekend. One of the company’s few PC MMORPG titles scheduled to launch in the near future, it seems that many sandbox features have either removed or taken out of the game for now. There seems to be a focus in this test version on Kirana, the various “pets” found in Peria Chronicles which supports players in both combat and production. You can even interact with them by giving gifts, talking, feeding to make them strong. Random PVE dungeons will apparently appear on fields as well for players to explore and challenge.

In this test phase, there were 75 different Kirana available. Notice the avatar at the bottom left corner? That happens to be a Guardian, with 3 types players can choose from during character creation. Yeah that dark elf dude looks way too evil in my opinion. Gathering crafting materials, such as mining for ores, foraging for plants, and even skinning sheep for wool are all part of the core gameplay. Peria Chronicles might disappoint players who were waiting for the ability to build their personal realms, but let’s wait for the next test and see if any of the sandbox features will be added. Stay tuned for updates on Peria Chronicles!