MU Origin 2 – A quick look at the PVP modes found in new mobile MMORPG

Previously, I touched on the various key PVE modes in the new mobile MMORPG, MU Origin 2. Having played my main character to nearly level 300, it is time to touch on some of the PVP features in the game as well. However, there are some modes which actually has a combination of both PVE and PVP, so I will separate them into 2 different sections. Officialy licensed from Webzen, MU Origin 2 is now available in Southeast Asia on both Google Play and App Store, so download now and join over 1 million others on this epic adventure!

Google Play

PVP modes

Various PVP modes – In MU Origin 2, there are several PVP modes available as seen in the screenshot below. While players are free to switch between them, some events or activities will automatically change to the preset mode for players once it begins. Rather than just using these modes for killing players, they can be used strategically as well. For example, as the Lost Tower (read intro below) event is a Free-for-All, alliance (or guild) members can switch to “Alliance mode”, meaning members of the same alliance will not attack each other. The various options is rarely seen these days in mobile MMORPG titles.

Lost Tower – Technically, this is a free-for-all PVP mode where chests containing glyphs spawn. Glyphs are something similar to runes, which characters equip to get stronger. Only players who obtain a key can proceed to the next level when each round ends, and keys are dropped when key holders are killed, allowing the next player to simply grab it. This is perhaps the most brutal PVP mode in MU Origin 2 which I have experience thus far!

Red Fortress – This is one of the high-level PVP modes which only unlocks at level 280. While I have only tried it a couple of times, basically it is a Last-Man-Standing mode where the final surviving players obtains an exclusive title as the main reward.

Arena – This is a pretty straight forward 1 vs 1 PVP Arena, where ranking is at stake along with Warrior Points to be used at an exclusive in-game shop. Players will be rewarded with points even in defeat, so there is no real reason not to use all 10 daily chances even for players who are more into PVE.

PVP + PVE mode

Ironblood Path – In this 5 vs 5 map, teams spawn on either left and right side of the single-lane battlefield. The aim is to defeat the stationary boss monster in the middle of the map, while at the same time taking down the opposing team. While killing enemy players will nab some Fame points (used to upgrade Sigil), the main objective to victory here is to deal the most damage to the boss monster.

Dealing the first hit and final blow gives bonus points as well! Organized parties would have at least 1 players distracting the opposing team, while focusing all firepower on the boss monster. The main reward in Ironblood Path are Fame points, which comes in a huge amount for the victorious team members.

Lost City – This is an alliance (or guild) PVP + PVE mode. The premise is simple: Defeat all monsters in each floor, wait for the boss monster to spawn (during which Alliance mode is  activated), and the guild which kills the boss monster proceeds to the next floor. There are several instances of each floor, and alliances will eventually meet up at Floor 2, 3, and 4. In alliance mode, characters will attack players not in the same alliance. The rewards here include gear and mount power-up items, and an exclusive rare mount not yet sighted.