Code: Odyssey – Chinese studio teams up with Improbable for UE4 sandbox MMO

You probably have not heard of the tech company known as Improbable or its advanced multiplayer platform known as SpatialOS. In a nutshell, SpatialOS is a cloud-based platform for building and operating any online game. This complete multiplayer solution lets studios use any game engine to build efficiently, ship quickly and innovate easily. It was just announced that Improbable, Epic Games, and little-known Chinese developer Umi Co., Ltd. have teamed up to craft a “MMO 2.0” title, Code: Odyssey, using Unreal Engine 4.

Umi has actually developed and launch a mobile MMORPG using Unreal Engine 4 in China and with another 2, including Code: Odyssey, in development. According to media reports, Code: Odyssey will use Chinese myths and legends as the game’s core story, though it will have a steampunk design and theme. Since the game is developed on SpatialOS, it is touted as “super large scale sandbox open-world MMO 2.0” with an aim to create a global cultural IP derived from China. Improbable, a London company, has also opened its office in Shanghai since January 2019 to promote the SpatialOS platform to more local developers.