Stadia – Google unveils new cloud gaming platform and its own games studio

I cannot believe what I just watched on the Youtube live-stream from Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019, as I truly believe this is a game changer for the gaming industry (if done right). Google has announced its new game streaming platform, Stadia, along with its own games studio Stadia Games and Entertainment. There are just so many parts to talk about, and it would be best to watch the whole keynote video embedded below. Otherwise, you can go through the quick summarized points I have gathered. Read on!

• Stadia is the new cloud gaming platform where players can get into games without any downloads and not limited by hardware specs as well. No need for expensive GPU cards or even CPU! The key theme about Stadia really revolves around a platform for everyone.

• Through Stadia, developer can make cross-platform multiplayer games, such as 1000-player battle royales across devices such as PC, TV, mobile phones, and tablets at the same time. Real-time gaming is a big thing as well for Stadia.

• Google is confident that Stadia can handle 4K resolution at 60 FPS at launch with no technical hiccups. 8K resolution is being worked on.

• Players can play at 4K 60 FPS and stream to Youtube at the same time with no performance downgrade. There are tons of other social features as well.

• Stadia Games and Entertainment is the new subsidiary formed where Google makes its own games for the Stadia platform, led by Jade Raymond who was a top executive at Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

• Stadia is also compatible with game engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, along with various other 3rd party software such as Havok. The list will continue to grow.

• There is no need to buy a box or 2 boxes (poking fun at the consoles), as the only hardware currently made for Stadia is a game controller.

• Stadia will work with developers big and small, and interested parties can sign up to get the tools for getting on Stadia here.

• Stadia launches in the west within this year with no mention of Asia yet.