Project 03-A – Fate/Grand Order developer teases mystery new mobile game

Over at AnimeJapan 2019 during this past weekend, Japanese developer Delightworks of Fate/Grand Order fame teased its latest mobile project. Although there were key visuals and a teaser trailer available, Delightworks did not announce the game’s name, which left me scratching my head on how to refer to it. Since the teaser website is listed as 03-A, let’s call it Project 03-A. The few game details we know include Unreal Engine 4 being used, and it has a tagline of “It hurts to be an adult.” Kind of creepy if you ask me. The aim of Project 03-A is to “provide the best story experience”, although I doubt Unreal Engine 4 is really needed for an interactive novel game… Stay tuned for more updates when available!


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