MU Origin 2 – A quick look at the PVE modes found in new mobile MMORPG

As the epic journey in MU Origin 2 continues, let’s take some time to look at the various PVE features found in the new mobile MMORPG. While the MU games are more known for its various PVP modes, there are actually tons of boss hunting and loot farming as well, which personally fits me as a more “carebear” kind of player. So what are some of the key PVE modes in MU Origin 2? Using my main character, here are the ones which I have come across thus far. The list is none-exhausting, as new PVE features are still being unlocked.

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Solo dungeons – This is one of the first PVE dungeon players will enter. More will unlock as characters level up and complete the main story quests, each with 3 difficulties: Easy, Hard, and Hell. New gears drop in the solo dungeons, with the most powerful Orange tier dropping from the Hell mode. This will be one of the main sources of obtaining new gears.

Party dungeon: Kalima – Kalima is a bigger and more lucrative version of the solo dungeon which can be completed with just 2 players if well-geared. There are more gear drops here, and the exclusive Set Gears (which gives bonuses for more pieces) can be looted from boss monsters. While Set Gears are much more powerful, 3 pieces of the same Set Gear cannot be combined into the next rank. Entry is only available only once a day!

Party dungeon: Spirit Ruins – The 2nd party dungeon to unlock, players must defend the holy tree in the middle of the map from mob waves. With 3 different lanes and boss monsters spawning regularly, players must move around to provide support. At the end of Spirit Ruins, players are rewarded with items related to Spirits, which is basically pets.

Demons Tower – Known in other MMORPG titles as “Infinity Tower”, players must fight their way up, with more levels getting unlocked according to character level and monsters getting more powerful. The key reward here are feathers, which are used to upgrade character wings. Demons Tower is the main source of getting free wings!

Blood Castle – A classic PVE mode from the original MU Online, players are tasked to kill as many monsters possible in the map before the time runs out. The higher the score, the more experience points and gems (to imbue in gears) are rewarded. However, players tend to destroy the objectives almost immediately which causes a huge loss of rewards.

Devil Square – Players band together to survive waves of attacking monsters and bosses in a small enclosed map! The key to Devil Square is to quickly locate the bosses and attack them, leaving the mobs until last. The rewards here are gears for both characters and mounts. Similar to Blood Castle, it is a classic PVE mode which originated from MU Online.