Octopath Traveler: Champion of the Continent – Square Enix announces new mobile RPG

Even though I do not own a Nintendo Switch, but I am aware how popular Octopath Traveler is within the gaming community. Earlier today, developer Square Enix announced a mobile RPG based on the game, titled “OCTOPATH TRAVELER 大陸の覇者”, or loosely translated to Octopath Traveler: Champion of the Continent. According to the Japan media, this will be a Free-to-Play game set to launch this year. Octopath Traveler: Champion of the Continent takes place on Orsterra “many years ago” before the Switch game’s story begin.

There are 3 main paths to choose from, including “Wealth”, “Power”, and “Fame”. Despite being a Free-to-Play game, Octopath Traveler: Champion of the Continent is confirmed as a single-player RPG with no multiplayer features. The game’s producer also revealed there will be a focus on adding more features once the main game has “matured”. There is also no automated function, with a focus on tactical battles based on manual commands by players. The combat revolves around 8-character teams in a classic turn-based system.

Currently, there are no confirmed travelers revealed for the game, although there ought to be many new ones since the story takes place in a different time period and there are 8 slots to fill in the team. A few features touted by Square Enix include HD-2D graphics with 3DCG effects, the aforementioned 8-character team and 3 different paths, and interaction with NPCs for items, news, and hiring new characters. A trial test phase will begin on 12 March in Japan for the lucky selected pre-registrants. Stay tuned for more information!