Warframe – Operation: Buried Debts update arrives with new Warframe

[Play free now] Deep in the coldest regions of Fortuna’s Orb Vallis lies a frigid, foreboding story waiting to be uncovered. In Warframe’s newest update, Operation: Buried Debts, available right now, developer Digital Extremes will challenge players new and old to band together in its first time-limited Community Event of 2019 to unlock hidden secrets. To thwart the bitter cold and the dread it brings, the 39th Warframe Hildryn arrives with heavy armor and shield-based powers, adding depth to the current stable of playable Warframes.

Operation: Buried Debts poses a disturbing new wrinkle to the evolving story of Fortuna’s debt-internment colony. Following the original expansion and the subsequent update, The Profit-Taker, Tenno are thrust into a new storyline that re-defines the cynical deal Nef Anyo holds over the Solaris United Faction. Teaming up with your fellow Tenno won’t just be a good idea, it will be a must! Players hungry for a new warframe play-style and dynamic new visual aesthetic should enjoy Hildryn, the newest warframe. Unlike most Warframes, Hildryn draws from her Shields to fuel her Abilities, while Energy works to recharge them.

Abilities of Hildryn

Balefire: Charge and launch devastating bolts of fire.

Shield Pillage: Pillage a percentage of Shields and Armor of nearby enemies to replenish her own Shields and Overshields.

Haven: Create a Shield aura around allies. Enemies that approach Shielded allies will take damage.

Aegis Storm: Take the skies and rain Balefire rockets down on the enemy. Nearby enemies are blasted into the air where they will create an Energy Orb every few seconds. When Shields runs out the enemies are smashed into the ground.