Traha – New trailer showcases professional skills for mobile MMORPG

Developed using Unreal Engine 4 by indie developer Moai Games, Traha is publisher Nexon’s next flagship mobile MMORPG scheduled to launch in South Korea on 18 April. Today, more details about Traha is revealed, including the 2 warring countries which players must pledge their allegiance to. The hostile premise is pretty simple, as the nation of Vulcan worships the God of Fire, while the nation of Naiad worships the God of Water. Yes, different beliefs in gods start this war… But at least the main arch is simple to understand!

The new information update also touched on the 4 pairs of available professional skills players can engage in when not in combat, including Gathering + Crafting, Fishing + Cooking, Mining + Blacksmith, and finally Exploring + Archaeology. Players can create all kinds of gears and boost items with these skills, and there are no restrictions to which sets players can choose to learn. You can go for all 4 pairs! You can learn more on Traha here.