Silkroad Online Mobile – Closed Beta test begins in Egypt and Turkey

First announced in 2016 by Joymax and Chinese developer U1 Game Digital Entertainment, Silkroad Online Mobile was first revealed to the world late last year. Today, Joymax stated that Silkroad Online Mobile will enter Closed Beta until March 5 for players in Egypt and Turkey who have pre-registered on its website. The 2 companies will use this test to check for stability and other possible changes before launching Silkroad Online Mobile globally, currently scheduled for the first half of 2019. The official Facebook page can be found here.


For now, there are only 3 playable classes revealed, including Bicheon Swordman, Pacheon Bowman, and Heuksal Spearman. Players can further customize the classes by using different skills based on Ice, Thunder, and Fire elements. The 3 jobs: Merchant, Thief, and Hunter are still around as well, Players can also expect classic features such as trade runs, Fury mode transformation, and more. How will Silkroad Online Mobile perform? Stay tuned!