MU Origin 2 – The fashion parade of new mobile MMORPG

For the past few articles on MU Origin 2, we have always talked about combat in the forms of PVE and PVP. Perhaps due to MU Online being developed several decades ago, it is lacking visual features such as skins and costumes. Since the first MU Origin, this feature has been further improved in MU Origin 2 with a huge selection of cosmetic items waiting for players to discover and unlock. In what seems like an in-game fashion wardrobe, let us take a quick look at what is being offered for characters to look cool, hip, and trendy!

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Here are some tips on obtaining new cosmetic items:

• Majority of the skins and costumes are obtained through regular social and in-game events, and also festivals such as Christmas and Lunar New Year. Other methods include Dragonlord’s Treasure (see below) or various in-game PVE and PVP achievements.

• The quickest way to obtain skins and costumes is to spend Diamonds trying out your luck in the feature known as Dragonlord’s Treasure. This is similar to the gacha system found in most mobile games, and cash currency known as Diamonds is needed. However, players might also roll powerful new gears and exclusive mounts as well!

• Each skin or costume has 3 different versions: 7 days, 30 days, and permanent. Skins and costumes obtained from Dragonlord’s Treasure will fall into 1 of these 3 categories too.

• From what I observed, almost all skins and costumes will provide additional stats, which definitely gives the overall character BP (Battle Points) a significant boost.

• While rare, players can also head to the auction house (known as Market in MU Origin 2) and check out if players are selling any unbound skins or costumes. From what I see so far, most of them are of the time-limited variants, and no permanent ones. Items in the market are traded using Diamonds, and only unbounded ones can be exchanged.

New game update on 20 February 2019

Along with the release of this article, a new update has also arrived for MU Origin 2 today focused on cross-server features. We will delve into the new features and have a quick look at them really soon, stay tuned!

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Golden Force

• Find and destroy the Golden Force boss monsters with great fortune to be looted!

Gameplay Introduction: Golden Force will randomly appear at Elveland, Island of Prison and Frozen Plain every two hours during 1:00-23:00 every day.

Golden Force Boss: Golden Evil Dragon, Golden Zaikan and Golden Phoenix of Darkness

Items Drop: Golden Force Boss monsters will drop special items, most of which are red set.

Quinton’s Revenge

• Defeat the invading Demon Lords and be showered with amazing rewards!

Gameplay Introduction: Quinton’s Revenge will randomly appear at Elveland, Island of Prison and Frozen Plain every three hours during 10:30-22:30 every day.

Quinton’s Revenge Boss: One Demon Lord Quinton big BOSS and many small BOSS

Items Drop: Boss monsters will drop special items, most of which are red-tier set gears and high level gems.

Mysterious Merchant

• Mysterious Merchant in Elveland sells limited exclusive mounts and titles as well as Cheap and fine treasures.

Gameplay Introduction: Mysterious Merchant will appear randomly at Elveland at 12:00 PM during the first three days (starting from 20 Feb 2019). Talking to this NPC opens up the Mysterious Store where players can buy time-limited exclusive titles, limited exclusive mount skins and other cool items. First come, first served only!

Full Intercommunication Friendship

• Break the barriers of time and space! Form new friendships with the new cross-server features. Who will you meet?

Abyssal Realm

1. Level 280 and above characters only
2. Complete Abyssal Realm Quest to access the new area!
3. In Abyssal Realm, the flow of time collides… What mysteries are begin hidden there?