Neverwinter – Undermountain announced as game’s largest expansion ever

[Play free now] Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today announced Neverwinter: Undermountain, due to arrive this spring for the PC platform. The largest expansion ever for Neverwinter, adventurers are summoned to the huge dungeon beneath Waterdeep following mysterious visions. The Undermountain update includes a level 80 cap increase, 5 new Adventure Zones in the many caverns below Waterdeep, a new social hub in the Yawning Portal Tavern, a new Endgame Dungeon, an overhaul of Class Powers as well as Feats, revamped Boons system, richer loot drop experience and so much more.

An unknown force beckons the people to the halls of Undermountain with visions of their deepest desires. Through a magical portal hidden along the Sword Coast, adventurers must seek a truth far more sinister. Renowned Waterdeep taproom, the Yawning Portal, acts as a hub for players looking to delve deeper into the hallowed halls shaped by Halaster Blackcloak’s twisted mind. Team up with Durnan – proprietor of the Yawning Portal -, as well as uneasy allies to uncover the wicked machinations at work below Waterdeep.

Introducing 5 new adventure zones spanning several levels of Undermountain, this expansion offers adventurers the opportunity to grow their characters up to level 80 with improved level-scaling for earlier zones, class ability and balance overhauls, new rewards from encounters throughout Neverwinter and the first taste of new endgame content including the all-new Lair of the Mad Mage dungeon. Plus, Undermountain features an all-new Expeditions system – where players can explore the ever-changing caverns of Undermountain, even encountering the Mad Mage himself. Play the game for free now!