MapleStory M – Brand new Explorer classes arrives in mobile MMORPG

MapleStory M today added a new content update that brings a multitude of new material for players, including 3 new explorer classes, improved equipment enhancement systems, and more. The three new unique explorers includes the swift thief Shadower who deals close-combat damage with a dagger, the Hero who uses “Two-Handed Sword” and “Two-Handed Axe” for powerful blows to enemies, and the Arch Mage, the flashiest magic class of Maple World who uses spells with Ice and Lightning properties to annihilate enemies.

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Players will also be able to enjoy Emblem Enhancement, a new system where Emblem Trace can be extracted from Elite items to make Emblem equipment more powerful. It also features Exaltation where players must use Elite equipment that is identical to the base equipment or utilize Exaltation Stones as material during Exaltation. Additionally, there are new class growth support events and Lunar New Year celebrations for all in MapleStory M!