Last Oasis – Clan-based survival MMO brings new ideas to the genre

[Steam page] Indie studio Donkey Crew (what a name!) announced that their post-apocalyptic clan-based nomadic survival MMO, Last Oasis, will enter Early Access this Spring. Thousands of years in the future, after a cataclysmic event has halted the Earth’s rotation and destroyed the moon, the planet is split into two extreme and inhospitable environments. The side that faces the sun is an arid wasteland and the other is covered by ice and darkness. The only habitable area is the Twilight zone – a tiny strip of land between desert and ice, moving slowly around the Earth as the planet rotates around the sun.

In order to survive, the remnants of humanity have built a large walking city, Flotilla. Outside of the city, warring clans fight tooth and nail in a battle of survival as they clash over resources, territory and alliances in this unforgiving new world. Every day, Flotilla sends nomads into the passing Oases to gather resources to keep the city walking. Not many return alive. In Last Oasis, players take on the role of the unwilling chosen nomads from Flotilla. You must gather resources and build Walkers; large wood-punk inspired ship-like machines required for world travelling, combat, base building and harvesting.

Walkers can be upgraded and be equipped with different attachments for these various purposes. At the highest level, clan warfare incorporates multiple walkers and players manning them on both sides. Large amounts of resources will be destroyed during clan wars, so players must think carefully about what and when to attack. Over time, clans will form alliances and hostilities. There will be times of peace, times of global war and constant player development. Head to the Steam page for a full list of features and all new updates!